Hooray, you finally made it.

I've been Holding this moment for you.

I have difficulty with stopping on a complicated piece... adding layer after layer, meaning after meaning, hour after hour, to create something that touches my heart.

Sometimes I just like the simplicity of a single image...

and every once in a while my 10-year-old self comes out. This project is dedicated to looking through the eyes of10-year-old me, and the lens of a Sears SLR 35mm camera I received for my birthday. Snap what catches your eye.

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What makes fugly art, fuglyart worthy? It's the subject matter, it is framing, it is focal length, but what fugly art isn't is that it isn't bad, in fact, the fugly makes it awesome. Plus it's signed! and NFTs are unique and traceable.

Take a look at what there is to offer and if you would love to have that on your wall, on your ceiling, on your desk, or under your mattress with your life savings where no one will think to look, visit the Etsy store.

You'll want to hand these down for generations or leave them to your favorite charity/foundation when you go to the great beyond... but till then you'll have the thrill of gazing upon the greatest fugly art you've ever seen every day and twice on Sundays.

Images from the Lorem ipsum collection... life unfiltered and unbounded.

Your significant other called and said to buy yourself that new car you always wanted, and anything from the FuglyArt collection. Maybe you should get them something for being so significant too? What an awesome partner you are.

Dang, that's some hot property and right up fugly art's driveway. You should get some before it gets any hotter.

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VHS = Video Home System, CD = Compact Disc, DVD = Digital Video Disc, NFT = Non Fungible Token?

Someone totally missed the class on how to create an acronym... but then again maybe they're living in the year three thousand. You can be the sole owner of each piece of artwork by owning the digital key to the image. Hop on Opensea and add some more awesomeness to your collection.